Frutas y Verduras

A Fresh Food Lover's Guide to Mexico

Learn to truly eat local with this guide to 50+ regional plant foods.

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This interactive ebook is a visually rich resource for cooks, curious travellers and the everyday eater wanting to include the more regional produce of Mexico in their daily diet.

The guide cover more than 50 of Mexico’s indigenous and regional fruits, vegetables and herbs. In this country with an an enormous biodiversity of edible plants, it's a drop in the bucket, but a solid start for most people who are learning to navigate the markets.

With this resource at hand, you'll be able to approach market stalls with confidence and beginning building a vocabulary of new-to-you plant foods at the foundation of Mexico's great gastronomy. 


Recommended for iPad, Android tablets. Requires iBooks or Kobo reading apps.

Have questions? Check out the FAQs.

Learn about Mexico's regional fruits, vegetables & herbs and become your regional produce-seller's best customer.

A visual table of contents and full-color slide shows make identification easy. 

Audio pronunciation for each food to ask for it by name. 

Which nutrients the ingredient is most valuable for, and any cautions for those with health issues.

How to choose and store, prep notes and recipes too.


I’m Margret, Founder of Frutas y Verduras Mexico, author of Frutas y Verduras – A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico.

In 2009, I  made my first journey to Mexico. As a Personal Chef and a consummate eater of weeds, I was always excited to experiment with new fresh ingredients...  but I was not prepared for the bounty I found in Mexico!  

I immersed myself by seeking out and cooking with every single fruit, vegetable and herb I didn't recognize. And what I learned extended far beyond food or flavor... each interaction with local vendors opened a window into the culture.

Many of the edible plants I have tried I could not have accessed if not for the effort of the local people and, often, their children who know what is in season, when and where special local treats grow. I felt gratitude for their work and happy knowing that each 10 or 20 peso purchase I made went straight into their hands, supporting families and communities.

I created Frutas y Verduras to help you have this experience too. Start with what's in the ebook, then start asking questions of the women who sell produce on the street corners... let the adventure begin!

Inside the ebook...

Frequently Asked Questions

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Eat Well and Connect with Community and Culture. 

Choosing foods from local sources is a meaningful act that honors cultural traditions, helps to preserve a healthy biodiversity, and contributes to the livelihoods of people in your community. 

Frutas y Verduras e-book

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