Frutas y Verduras Ebook by Margret Hefner

A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico

Learn about 50+ regional plant foods in this resource for cooks, travellers and everyday eaters.

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This interactive ebook covers 60+ of Mexico’s indigenous and regional fruits, vegetables and herbs.

It's a visually rich resource for cooks, curious travellers and all eaters! Stroll market stalls with confidence, savor the experience of new-to-you flavors, and celebrate the regional flavors of the local communities. 

Recommended for iPad, Android tablets. Requires iBooks or Kobo reading apps.

Have questions? Check out the FAQs.

Don't miss out on the full flavor of Mexico's emblematic fruits, vegetables & herbs just because you couldn't identify what was what...

Know what you're looking at. Learn what to do with it.

A visual table of contents and full-color slide shows make identification easy. 

Audio pronunciation for each food to ask for it by name. 

Which nutrients the ingredient is most valuable for, and any cautions for those with health issues.

How to choose and store, prep notes and recipes too.

... and much more!


Wonderful source for anyone in Mexico...and beautifully produced with loads of practical information and cultural and historical tidbits!

Tim Young

Highly recommend.

This is the best book ever for identifying, and knowing what to do with, the wide variety of produce found here. I keep it on my phone, so it’s always at my fingertips! Highly recommend.

Marla K - Mérida, Yucatán


I’m Margret, the Founder of Frutas y Verduras Mexico and author of Frutas y Verduras – A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico.

In 2009, I took my background in design and my culinary passion and experience and made my first journey to Mexico to investigate its cuisine. Quickly, my interest shifted from the preparations of traditional recipes to the ingredients themselves. In the 10 years since, I have learned more about food, cultural attitudes, respect for the land and humanity in general, through the exchanges I have had in the markets of Mexico.

I hope my work with Frutas y Verduras will inspire you, too, to go deeper and make a connection as you enjoy the freshest, most regional foods in Mexico.

What a great resource for food lovers!!

Before I moved to Mexico, I visited frequently. Always (and still)my favorite part is the mercados, but even now I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by what is unfamiliar. Now that I have this book, I feel motivated to try something new every week! This is a beautiful guide, full of information, and with a very user-friendly design.


Frutas y Verduras

Margaret Hefner's Frutas y Verduras: A Fresh Food Lover's Guide to Mexico is a visually beautiful book, full of useful information. As an expat who has lived in Costa Rica for more than 8 years, many of the fruits and vegetables in Mexico were familiar to me, however just as many were new and even strange. This lovely book is full of photos and practical information to help you identify, purchase, store, and prepare the full range of fruit, veggies, chilis, cacti, and herbs available in Mexico. I downloaded it on my iPad and it works really well. I can take it with me to the markets, tianguis, and grocery stores to help me as I shop. This book is an invaluable resource and I highly recommend it!


Wish I'd had this on my first trip to Mexico...

...but you can bet I'll have it with me on my next! Ms. Hefner focuses on fruits and vegetables that are not so commonly seen outside her adopted country. Her writing is straightforward, commonsensical, and lucid. Her photos show all the right details, and her visual overviews by category -- say, all the fruits, or all the herbs -- are especially useful in making identifications, and in distinguishing between close botanical relatives. Highly recommended.

Eating In Translation

Inside the ebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special app to read the eBook?

Yes, the eBook requires an appropriate app. The ebook has multiple functions that will only display on specific reading apps. It was designed for iOS (iBooks) and modified for Android & Windows. Kobo is an excellent reader for all uses.

  1. Kobo Reading App* (free from GooglePlay) serves most devices including iOS, Android, Windows and Desktop. If you have a Mexican IP, the correct version of this app is called Orbile also free on GooglePlay
  2. iBooks  -comes standard on iOS devices (ideal)
  3. For Desktop/laptop PCs, use Kobo Desktop app.

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What kind of device do I need for the eBook?

  1. BEST:  iPad, Android or Windows Tablets. *eReaders like Kindle, B+N etc will not work
  2. Large format smart phone (5in+) Smaller phones are not recommended
  3. Any PC desktop or laptop – with KOBO desktop app 
  4. Apple computers – with iBooks app

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Unique and useful guide to the treats of Mexico

As a chef that loves the culture, food and tradition of Mexico I found this book to be a great guide to the common and not so common treasures of Mexican markets.

The produce of Mexico is truly unique, and often overwhelming to understand. For a traveler or ex-pat, it can be intimidating and confusing to see 20 varieties of bananas, apples, squash, etc. at the market and have no clue what the difference is. For a chef or inspired cook, those same markets can overwhelm your curiosity. This book is the solution for both. I especially enjoyed the seasonal info which will help to find the best that the market has when you visit.

Good photos, more info than you expected and all easy to navigate and read. Great pocket guide on the iPhone, but looks better on a bigger screen, so do your research at home and tag the ingredients you want to hunt down at the market.

Buen provecho!

Clint Jolly , Chef

Enrich your experience while living in Mexico.

From ‘Aguacate to Zapote Negro’, with this handy guide you'll have a wealth of information to refer to when you shop the mercados or encounter streetside vendors.

Frutas y Verduras e-book