A Fresh Food Lover’s
Guide to Mexico

By Margret Hefner

Learn about 50+ regional plant foods in this resource for cooks, travellers and everyday eaters

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Don't miss out on the full flavor of Mexico's emblematic fruits, vegetables & herbs just because you couldn't identify what was what...

Eating the Weeds
Learn how many common weeds are part of Mexico's gastronomic palette
Navigate by Familiar Categories
The navigation is designed for you to identify foods you don't recognize. First by category, then by photo
The Essential Details
From Choosing and Preparing, to Traditional Medicine and Nutrients – what health-conscious eaters need to know
For iOS or Android
Best navigation is on iPad, tablets or phones of 6in or more.
Foods Steeped in History...
From ancient civilizations to present day, learn about plant foods with special cultural significance
Handy for reading on the road

This interactive ebook covers 60+ of Mexico’s endemic regional plant ingredients.

This resource is for cooks, curious travellers and all eaters. It will set you up for eating the freshest local foods, in season, deeply relevant to Mexico’s rich culture and, naturally, delicious!

Recommended for iPad, Android tablets. Requires iBooks or Kobo reading apps.

About the Author

Hola! I’m Margret, the Founder of Frutas y Verduras Mexico and author of Frutas y Verduras – A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico.

In 2009, I took my background in design and my culinary passion and experience and made my first journey to Mexico to investigate its cuisine. Quickly, my interest shifted from the preparations of traditional recipes to the ingredients themselves. In the 10 years since, I have learned more about food, cultural attitudes, respect for the land and humanity in general, through the exchanges I have had in the markets of Mexico.


I hope my work with Frutas y Verduras will inspire you, too, to go deeper and make a connection as you eat the best, most regional foods in Mexico.