Cook-along Fundraiser 2020

We held cook-along fundraisers to keep connected, raise some money and, of course, learned some new recipes.

Part cooking class, part cultural exploration — all healthy and delicious

Easier than travel, because you can join from your very own kitchen.

Learn a new recipe

Our recipes are created to be adaptable so that you can make a dish that’s similar, wherever you are, using produce that’s seasonal and local to you.

'Travel' together

Get a glimpse of life in Mérida, learn about local traditions and to top it all off, we eat together just as ‘travellers’ like to do.

Pay it forward

We use an Pay What You Want (or Can) model so anyone can attend. Plus, 20% from each week’s contributions go to trusted community organizations in Mexico.

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organizations supported


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USD contribution total

Amigos al 100
Friendly Food Donations
Yucatan Giving Outreach A.C.
Puente a la salud communitaria A.C.

How We Share

We never imagined enjoying the virtual environment as much as we did! Sure, we miss taking people to markets and sharing food,  but It’s exciting to be able to share the valuable lessons that Mexico has taught us as cooks with an even wider community of ‘online travellers’.

We’re fortunate to have resources –such as this platform – that locals in our Mexican communities do not, so from May 24 to July 19, we’ll share no less than 20% of each week’s contributions with community initiatives addressing urgent needs in Merida and Oaxaca during this crisis.

To give you an idea, $25USD can feed a Mexican family of five for about a week.

A sample of what was on the menu

Chard-wrapped Tamal, Salsa de Tomate, Poached Egg, Salsa Macha con Semillas

A favorite dish in Yucatan is Brazo de Reina, a tamal with flecks of Chaya mixed into the corn Masa dough, filled with pepita and boiled egg and topped with tomato sauce. We have taken these elements and reworked them into an Eggs Benedict style breakfast dish.

Tortitas de Papa y Calabacita with Papaya X’Nipek

Baby Greens, Herbs and Flowers, Papaya Citronette (stone fruits – peach, apricot etc will be good sub for papaya)

Tortitas are similar to fritters or croquettes. They can be made from anything from ground meat to tuna to chickpeas, but in Yucatan the most popular is made of potato and cheese, then coated in egg, resembling the batter of Chiles Rellenos. We’ll make ours with a combination of potato and summer squash.

Participant- Eggs with Chaya


Participant photo-Salbutes

Participant- Salbut

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