Erin is a Natural Foods Chef originally from California. She married a native of Merida,  and over the last 5 years has been digging deep into the local food traditions, learning family recipes and from local cooks. With the Yucatecan influences all around her, she creates plant-based recipes that combine her sensibilities with the traditions of her adopted home.

Brunches for Plant Food Lovers With Chef Erin Gomez Danielson

Part cooking class, part cultural exploration and all healthy and delicious. Easier than travel, because you can join from your very own kitchen.

In these Zoom gatherings, hosted by Margret Hefner, founder of Frutas y Verduras, we connect with Chef Erin Gomez Danielson cooking from her kitchen in Mérida, Yucatán.

While Erin cooks with special plant ingredients of Yucatán that you may not find where you are, each recipe has been carefully adapted so that you can create a dish that’s similar, wherever you are, using produce that’s seasonal and local to you. 

During the cook-along experience, you’ll also get a glimpse of life in Mérida, learn about local traditions and top it all off by eating together just as ‘travellers’ like to do – now we just do it virtually!

We share valuable lessons from Mayan cooks, food vendors and producers that we have had the privilege to learn. It’s our aim to pay that forward, while also giving back.

Join a CookAlong and Pay What You Want (or can)

PWYW... How does it work?

We invite you to Pay What You Want… or Can, using the PayPal ‘Donate’ Link

Register for a CookAlong, get your ingredients, enjoy the class, then return to this page and click on the Paypal Donate link to contribute as you wish. 

From May – July 19, 2020, we have kept a small fee each, contributing the rest to Mexico (scroll down to see how we did). 

Going forward, we will continue to share 20% from each week’s contributions to trusted community organizations in Mexico while also rebuilding our business.

We’ll continue using a Pay What You Want (Can) model because we want to be inclusive. No one should feel they can’t join because of limited resources. These are tough times!  

How We Share

We never imagined enjoying the virtual environment as much as we are! Sure, we miss taking people to markets and sharing food,  but It’s exciting to be able to share the valuable lessons that Mexico has taught us as cooks with an even wider community of ‘online travellers’.

We’re fortunate to have resources –such as this platform – that locals in our Mexican communities do not, so from May 24 to July 19, we’ll share no less than 20% of each week’s contributions with community initiatives addressing urgent needs in Merida and Oaxaca during this crisis.
To give you an idea, $25USD can feed a Mexican family of five for about a week.

We’ll also be sharing with our friend Susi Noh-Un with whom Erin co-leads our much-loved  Corn to Comal class. We hope that Susi will soon again be able to join Erin in her kitchen to share her local knowledge with us, and with you.

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Take a look at some recent Cook-Alongs...

Where we've sent contributions

Click on the images to link to each organization’s site

May 24

Total:  $145 US

Susi Noh-Un, Mérida.

Amigos al 100

San Miguel de Allende

May 31

Total:  $90 US

Friendly Food Donations, Oaxaca 

Yucatan Giving Outreach, Merida

June 7



Tropical Storm Cristobál

June 14

Total:  $170 US

Family of Susi Noh-Un, Sacalaca, Q.Roo 

Significant damages to home and farmland in storm

June 21

Total:  $110 US

Friendly Food Donations, Oaxaca

Amigos al 100, SMA


June 28

Total:  $105 US

Mestiza de Indias, Merida


July 5

Break for Family time!

July 12

Total:  $80 US

Puente a la Salud Comunitaria, A.C., Oaxaca


July 19

Total:  $110 US

Yucatan Giving Outreach, Merida

Susi Noh-Un, Mérida.