Frutas y Verduras

A Fresh Food Lover's Guide to Mexico

Making it easier for you to experience and enjoy the fresh regional produce in Mexico – in season, delicious and healthful.

Connect & support the local community & economy daily.

Fruits, vegetables and herbs shape Mexican gastronomy, culture and identity.

the mighty zapote!

Ripe and unripe black sapote fruit

The impact of choosing 'taste of place'

  • Food presents opportunities for intercultural exchange and authentic connection with local community members.
  • Choosing local produce benefits the small businesses and individual vendors in the community.
  • Plant foods are for everyone - no matter what your dietary needs and preferences, eating plants is a good food goal.

Food ways that are honest, meaningful and sustainable

  • Focus on people who sell local produce from small, community-managed agricultural systems and local forage
  • Foods that exemplify cultural values and heritage
  • Inherited knowledge, such as foods as medicine, rooted in ancient indigenous ways
  • Astounding biodiversity = diverse regional flavors and recipes

verdolagas - let's eat the weeds!


Local plants in your kitchen

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Book a private coaching session — this will be an experience you can savor and one that will transform you from an observer to a participant in this country’s fascinating and vibrant culture.

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Dragon fruit... or pitahaya?

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The Mighty Zapote Podcast

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We talk to people who chose to make Mexico their home. For gringos, 'expats', extranjeros, navigating the foodways of this richly diverse country is an experience that's sometimes awkward, occasionally emotional and always uniquely Mexican. 

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