Mexico City

Slow Food in a Fast-Paced City

For vegans and vegetarians, the plant foods of ancestral heritage that we want to share with you in Mexico City might be a revelation...

If you’re looking for soy chorizo, be warned. We’re here to share with you a different story. It’s about people for whom selling food grown small, community-managed agricultural systems is their subsistence. Of plant foods that exemplify heritage, tradition and the power of nature and community. Generation upon generation of innate food wisdom. The kind of knowledge that can take us into a sustainable future.

Authentic, humble and sustainable

New Mexico City Experiences for Fall 2019 are under development and will be announced shortly.

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Ancestral Foods Every Day

This experience begins with delving into the foods and culture of the traditional open-air market. Snacking, meeting vendors, exploring new flavors and shopping for our meal, choosing the most local ingredients,
Your guides in the kitchen will be mayoras from different parts of Mexico. They have special food wisdom to share with you.
Elote-Esquite-Vendor-Jamaica (1)

Market to Table

Details coming soon. This tour will be offered beginning November 2019

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Mexico City Community

Ubish Yaren

Mexico City Guide

Born and raised in Mexico City, I learned from a young age to appreciate food for flavor of course, but I was also interested in the social perspective.

At 18, I enrolled in the the Escuela de Gastronomia Mexicana. After completing the program, I became the sous chef of the school and traveled to New Zealand  as a “culinary ambassador” to demonstrate traditional Mexican food.

My more than 6 years in the food tourism industry have included collaborations with companies like Eat Mexico, Intrepid Travel and AirBnB Experiences. I’ve also contributed in research and developing recipes for several publications and books, including:  Mezcal Nuestra Escencia, Eat Mexico Cookbook as well as blogs and websites like Eater,  The Globe and Mail and VOGUE.

I love sharing my culture with visitors, in tours and culinary presentations and I love the Frutas y Verduras concept for presenting fresh regional foods to people!

Check out my podcast “Culinaria Nacional” on Soundcloud (English and Spanish)