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Cultivate your love for local

When you're a foreigner living in Mexico, learning about your region's fresh produce brings abundant reward!

Perhaps you love to cook and you figured that once you moved to Mexico with this amazing gastronomy all around, your daily meals would be transformed. 

And this happened... to a degree at least... but you know there’s much more to explore.

Maybe you hate cooking, but love fresh fruits in your smoothies and prefer to eat lots of greens, yet you're sticking with the same familiar ingredients from your 'old' life.

Or perhaps you like to try new flavors when you eat out... but first you need to know how to decipher what's on the menu!

Now, consider a mercado full of Mexico's regional produce.

Does this entice you? Arouse curiosity?

Or, do you feel some uncertainty?

Some hesitation or confusion?

Or maybe you're totally overwhelmed?

Navigating local food systems can be overwhelming... much is unfamiliar.

Language limitations make it hard to communicate with vendors.

Initial tries at exploring foods adventurously... did not go so well.

When it comes down to it, shopping at the supermarket, Costco or Walmart is more convenient, feels familiar and gets the job done... Right?

Produce is labelled and presented at eye level. The whole system is more organized than at the public mercado and you don't have to think about which vendors to choose.

And sometimes, prices are cheaper (and marked more clearly) than certain foods also found at the mercados!

What's with that? you ask.

Reality check!

  • The produce at the supermarket is grown for domestic distribution and for export. It's not super-fresh which can mean nutrients (and flavor) have been lost.
  • Fruits are often picked while still unripe, so flavors are not at their peak.
  • Pesticide use is higher, generally speaking
  • These foods are part of a massive supply-chain: 80% of what is stocked in supermarkets in Mexico is what you'd find in most any supermarket in any city in North America. It does not represent the region.
  • Supermarkets have purchasing power and use strategic pricing models. Certain basic foods like tomatoes and onions (the "loss leaders") will be cheaper, but overall may not really be best value.
  • Small and individual vendors who sell at mercados cannot compete on price, as they are further along the supply chain.. and they often incur other costs, too, like mordidas (bribes). The system is weighted in favor of the big guys.  

Now, back to what you came to Mexico for...

A rich, fulfilling experience of culture and community. 

Food is unquestionably at the root of all culture.

 Your neighbors and wider community connect in the mercado, the tianguis and local fruterias.

On streets and in neighborhood plazas you can encounter people selling locally-sourced produce.

By learning about the foods of your region, you will...

...navigate with more confidence when you shop at the mercado!

...earn the trust and respect of local vendors

...become familiar "as a local" 

....taste foods that never show up in supermarkets

...increase your opportunities to gain insight from generations of knowledge

And last, but certainly not least, you won't miss out on the best foods of each season!

It's time to eat for your best life in Mexico!

In the Love For Local community, we will:

  • Explore regional ingredients from around Mexico in guided "challenges"
  • Hear from guest speakers with specialized knowledge in Mexican gastronomy, anthropology, ecology, history and more.
  • Dive deeper in open Q&A sessions where you can ask questions and share experiences
  • Put 'knives to knowledge' in Cook-Alongs with chefs from around Mexico

Here's what you get when you join the Love for Local membership!


12 new ingredients each session. Follow a step-by-step challenge on your own time, designed to familiarize you with regional produce. 


Stay motivated and inspired by interacting with expert 'mentors' and other participants in weekly Q&A drop-ins and on the Facebook Group.


Learn from a new guest speaker each month as we dig deeper into the intersection of food and culture.

Participate in one of two ways!

Season-by-Season Sessions

Join us in our first session of Love for Local, starting July 1!

  • First session runs July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021
  • Renew every 3 months for each new session
  • Get in on this special foundation members price!

Cost: $87/season

That equals to only $29/month!

Annual Membership

Join for the whole year and have the option of paying in monthly installments!

  • First season runs July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021
  • Get all Cook-Alongs for free!
  • PLUS get one (1) free season!

Cost: $261/YEAR

That equals to only $22/month, which means you get one free season!

When you learn where to look and what to ask for, you'll encounter seasonal produce of your region that is...

Integral to cultural traditions.

Of value to local people and their economic health.

And brings fascinating history to the table, too!

Join the Love For Local Membership!

Eat your way to healthy, happy connection with your Mexican community.

Foundation Membership

Season By Season

Every 3 months we start with a brand new list of ingredients — discovering new local foods every season!



What's included

  • Follow a guided exploration of local and regional ingredients 
  • Hear from guest speakers who are leading authorities on Mexico's food and culture
  • Monthly "Demystify the Mercado" Q&A sessions
  • Join Cook-Alongs at a member discount!

Have questions?

How does the subscription work?

Joining Love for Local Season by Season means your subscription will renew every 3 months at $87.

If you opt-in for the yearly membership, you will be charged each year at $261 or you can choose to pay in monthly installments at $22.

Both ways guarantees you a full refund within the first 14 days.

How do I participate in cook-alongs?

2-3 Cook-Alongs will be offered each session (season). These will be available to the public starting at $35 and Season by Season members will get an exclusive 60% off membership discount to participate! And we'll give you plenty of notice to opt-in.

Members who choose the Annual Membership will get access to all cook-alongs for free!

Do I get charged monthly?

If you choose the Season by Season membership, you'll be charged every 3 months — at the start of the next season.

If you choose the annual plan, you'll be charged yearly.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Absolutely! You can upgrade to the annual membership at any time.

If you choose to upgrade in the middle of a season, the cost will be prorated - starting from the beginning of the current season to one year later.


Will presentations and talks be recorded?

Absolutely! You will be able to access replays of the talks and presentations to watch at your own convenience. 

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