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A community for exploring and integrating Mexico's regional produce into your daily life.

Get to know Mexico's regional produce,

and begin a journey that goes beyond taste.

By knowing and using foods that sustain indigenous communities, we participate in preserving an intricately woven cultural fabric and a heritage that Mexico is proud of.

Each indigenous culture, its language, craft, traditional clothing and recipes... are interwoven with these foods that are grown, harvested, foraged and sold close to home.

Preserving native and regional foods is something we all can participate in... with pleasure.

Want to learn the hows and whys of making these foods part of your life?

You're in the right place.

If you're saying "I'm not a cook"read on.

This is for all eaters. Those who like to cook, and those who don't!  

Enjoy the benefits every day. 

When making your morning smoothie, eating fresh, cut-up fruit or preparing a salad, a pasta, a soup... adding some of the regional ingredients that you don't know yet, will boost your flavor experience, nutrition and make a difference in so many ways...

There's a lot here to feel really good about.

Whether your status is visitor, expat or immigrant, we are guests in Mexico, and when each of us makes this small adjustment, together we have a meaningful impact.

What to expect in this 

groundbreaking community.

Ingredient Challenges

Let us guide you through exploring seasonal foods, in your own market, a few at a time. 

Dig Deeper in Q&A Drop-Ins

These Zoom meetings complement your independent explorations with guidance from Margret and expert guests!

In Your Kitchen

Join Cook-alongs and learn simple, approachable preparations to help you integrate the Challenge ingredients into your daily meals. 

Grow Your Perspective

Monthly talks and presentations by enthusiasts and experts. Insights, ideas and perspective to help you connect the dots and get a sense of the bigger story.

Facebook Group

The group supports the "Explorar y Probar" Challenges. Share your insights, learnings, questions and creations to inspire each other.

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A snapshot of OUR impact

  • culture – edible and medicinal plants from each region are inseparable from every aspect of indigenous culture from craft traditions to traditional recipes to language – using them, but not demanding them in excess, is a healthy balance.
  • community – In most pueblos daily life centres around small agricultural systems and practices like foraging. What is beyond the needs of the community  is brought to towns and cities to be sold. Your exchange of pesos for these foods helps to keep those food-ways viable.
  • the land we occupy – From the campo to the pueblos to the wider eco-system: regenerative agriculture, sustainability, climate change.... are important to us all.

Upcoming Talks + Cookalongs

July + August



Edible Wild Mushrooms with Arif Towns Alonso of Simbiosis, San Miguel de Allende

Mexico has a great tradition and knowledge about the consumption of Edible Wild Mushrooms (Hongos Silvestres Comestibles)coming from pre-Hispanic times and it has the second greatest diversity of edible mushrooms in the world. Learn about the indigenous traditions around this important food of the rainy season.

JULY 18 (Time TBA)

CookAlong– Challenge ingredients

Erin Gomez Danielson - Merida, Yucatán

Get started on the Explorar y Probar Ingredient Challenge, then join the CookAlong!  Here, you'll put "knives to knowledge" with simple recipes that ease you into using new foods.

Date TBD


What Frida Saw in Mexico's Regional Produce : Frida Kahlo's Still Life Paintings  Suzanne Barbezat

Suzanne Barbezat,  author of Frida Kahlo at Home and owner of Discover Oaxaca Tours takes us on a curated exploration of produce... as seen through the eyes of Frida Kahlo.

CookAlong– Challenge ingredients

Alicia Wilson Rivero - San Miguel de Allende

Every month we dig deeper into more Explorar y Probar Challenge ingredients in a CookAlong!  Each time, expect simple recipes that ease you into using these new-to-you foods.


Alyshia Gálvez

With the author of Eating NAFTA - Trade, Food Policies and the Destruction of Mexico we dig deeper into the ways food policies impact culture and the ways we can impact those policies

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