In Season Now - De Temporada

Cook Along with CHEF Erin Gomez Danielson, hosted by Margret Hefner

JULY 25, 2021

12PM Central Time

approx. 90 minutes 

It's amazing what you can do with very little, when it's perfect and fresh 

Our goal is to inspire you to celebrate seasonal produce, by guiding you through a few ingredients at a time. In this way, we hope you'll become at ease with making them part of your everyday.

You'll wind up with a delicious light meal to enjoy...and perhaps some new friends to enjoy it with!

closeup of the soft spiny surface of soursop


Featured Ingredients

Saramuyo / Guanábana

Chaya /Hoja Santa

Chiles verdes

Join us!



You'll immediately receive a PDF download with:

... Feature ingredients, explained

... Shopping list 

... List of tools needed - it's basic!

... Invitation to our private Facebook Group

...Details on how to join on Zoom

A plate of chaya leaves stuffed like the Greek dolmades

What You'll Need...

  • Anona fruit: guanabana, saramuyo, or cherimoya
  • Chaya or Hoja Santa, or chard if neither are available
  • Fresh green chiles for roasting 
  • some fresh herbs

...and a few other standard staples that you'll either have on hand, or will have no difficulty finding. Our aim is to make the most of the perfect, fresh ingredients, very little added!

What to Expect...

Inspiration from our creative approach

Local emphasis: you're guided to use the ingredients appropriate for your region

You'll enjoy a delicious light meal including a beverage

An easy relaxed pace and fun interaction

We'll be happy to answer your questions...