I'm Canadian, and in 2009 I moved to Mexico. 

I spoke only a few words in Spanish but cooking with fresh produce was my "love language."  Learning to use unfamiliar regional produce of Mexico became my passion.

In Mexico, the gastronomy is revered, yet there is such poverty. Choosing regional produce from local vendors is a way to contribute daily to protecting the treasured bio-diversity, contribute to local economy, and participate in local culture and community

Without a doubt, by actively choosing, you enhance your experience with all of your senses and beyond: connecting with community and culture, land and environment.

I founded Frutas y Verduras to help other foreigners living in and visiting Mexico in making food choices that taste good, feel good, and are aligned with the interests of local community and culture.

Join the community. Learn together. Eat well. Make a difference. 

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huitlacoche or corn fungus on cob of pink kernel corn

Get Inspired...

  • share nexperiences of others having new food experiences and share your own
  • Make trying new produce part of your new routine. 
  • Learn about ferias,
  • Food presents opportunities for intercultural exchange and authentic connection with local community members.
  • Your purchases of local produce benefits independent vendors and their families in your chosen community.
  • Plant foods are for everyone - no matter what your dietary needs and preferences, eating plants is a good food goal

Food ways that are honest, meaningful and sustainable

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Discovering new foods tops the list of many travellers, but what happens when you decide to call a travel destination ‘home’? On Mighty Zapote, you'll hear from people who made the move that many dream of, to Mexico.

Host Margret Hefner chats with newcomers as well as longtime foreign residents about adapting to local food ways. With home cooks as well as experts in various food realms, hear about how regional produce offers a window into local culture and generational knowledge, promotes connection and a sense of belonging, and can have meaningful local impact.

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